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Systems Integration


Link information to processes

For products and materials to flow across a supply chain they need information to flow across the systems that support the business. The interfaces that link these systems and processes are a vital part of your operation.

These critical points can fail for many reasons:

  • Data checking interfaces have no means to correct wrong entries even if they are valid to the business process
  • Interfaces are not robust and may not manage some scenarios
  • Sometimes interfaces are accidentally switched off

Keeping interfaces working is critical to maintaining control as failure can lead to poor productivity and loss of orders, money, stock and customers.

The 3Peaks solution

3Peaks develop robust interface solutions that provide the seamless integration of disparate systems. The aim is to support the business processes with an accurate and timely flow of information.

Our team create solutions to:

  • Support existing and future systems with frameworks for integration
  • Enhance front and back office systems
  • Join up the supply chain
  • Automate data transfer across different functions and locations


System selection and implementation

This project was a complete overhaul of the systems to support a rapidly expanding installer of gas powered electricity generators. The supply chain involves the engine manufacturer in Austria, the spares, repairs and service support for a large team of field engineers and the sourcing and selling of spares direct to the customer base. The processes were dependent on individual’s job knowledge and limited software tools that could not support a growing business across multiple sites.

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