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Apply your systems to the business

In today’s dynamic business environment it is essential to deploy dependable systems solutions that automate both value added services and routine processes. However implementing large scale systems can be complex and expensive while small scale or in-house solutions may not be robust or provide reliable interfaces.

Short term gain, long term pain

As the need for faster and more flexible supply chain processes grows, system pressure points are often remedied with manual methods e.g. businesses bring in extra people and use work rounds to perform new processes. These manual methods are implemented quickly but become expensive and time consuming to maintain. They are difficult to monitor and lead to poor communication.

Build on existing investments

Additionally, when selecting systems to support new supply chain processes the default choice is often to upgrade to new or enhanced software. The option of enhancing existing systems or tapping unused functionality is often overlooked. Through reconfiguration or modification, existing processes can be optimised to deliver significant improvement, building on existing investments to deliver the quickest returns.

3Peaks improve and extend current systems to adapt in line with changing business needs.

Our work on systems covers:

  • Process design and mapping
  • Data cleansing and migration
  • Conference room pilots
  • Cutover management
  • Parameter review and tuning
  • Post implementation stabilisation
  • Systems troubleshooting
  • Functionality development

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