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Change is constant

It’s an overused phrase, but it is nevertheless true. Business environments are evolving with ever more pace and frequency. Established processes and ways of working that once provided good results face increasing pressure as the business adapts to emerging requirements.

Evolve and optimise

The ability of the supply chain to respond and adapt to these changing requirements creates competitive advantage in the marketplace.

To optimise this advantage, processes must be built around a set of underlying principles that facilitate rapid response:

  • Simplicity - only include steps that add value.
  • Reliability - develop robust procedures that allow focus on the outputs.
  • Flexibility - adapt to change and handle variation as standard.
  • Speed - allow decisions to be made and actions implemented swiftly.

3Peaks applies these principles when implementing new or updated processes, ensuring ways of working align with business objectives and are able to adapt to changing requirements.

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