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Your ultimate resource

People are the key resource of any successful business. Supply chain performance is strongly influenced by how you manage and motivate your team but excellent communication is vital both internally and externally. Whilst a good supply chain team can make a bad system work well, the reverse is not true.

Organise for effectiveness

Organisation has a significant impact on team and supply chain performance. Simple systems, robust processes and accurate data are important but the people that use them need to be well organised, highly trained and have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in order to maximise their performance.

Think beyond HR

Accountability comes from clear roles and responsibilities that drive supply chain performance but it is necessary to look beyond the usual elements of managing people. Factors such as the physical location of a team and its proximity to closely related teams, and indeed the layout within a team, can be used to improve communications and productivity.

3Peaks help to implement and optimise supply chain organisations that manage dynamic supply chain environments effectively.

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