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Project Management


Control for innovation and change

Supply chains require the capability for rapid innovation and change. The skills for implementing this change are not the same as the skills for managing a business function.

At 3Peaks we use proven best practice in project management combined with supply chain expertise to manage and control projects. Our goal directed approach ensures that throughout the life time of the project, the focus is kept on the deliverables and benefits.

A standard, structured process gives a common language and uniform approach. However, 3Peaks recognises the unique requirements of particular industry sectors, e.g. regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, speed to market for consumer goods.

Our experience is in managing entire projects and leading sub-projects within a larger programme framework. Whether it is a project still at the conceptual stage or a current project that requires driving through to completion, 3Peaks provides a flexible, focused service in project control and risk management.

Project management services include:

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